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Today our country remembers the loss of thousands of our friends our family. Our chapter Directors, staff and supporters remember Michael Finnegan and his family.

Mike made everyone feel special. He lived without hesitation.  He lived in the moment and made the moments memorable.  He put his family and friends at ease with themselves.  He listened.  He was a peacemaker.  He was loyal.  He had the gift of wit.  He made everyone laugh.  He danced like no one was watching.  He did ordinary things extraordinarily well.  He was a great golfer.  He honored “the game” with his talent and grace.  He loved his family.  He was the best husband, the best father, the best son, the best brother, and the best friend anyone could be.  He had the serenity in his life we all long for, yet while you were with him you had it too.  Mike honored the gift of life and he shared his love of life with everyone he met. The unique gift Mike shared with his family and friends is individual and remains in their hearts forever.

Michael Bradley Finnegan was born on March 14, 1964 in Kingston, NY to Beverly and Frank Finnegan.   He graduated from University of Richmond in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic.  He married Erin McDonnell in 1992 and moved to Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  He had three beautiful children; Bridget Annie, born 11/4/95, Michael Bradley, born 12/23/97 and Francis John (Jack), born 8/3/01.  Mike died tragically on September 11, 2001, while working at Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center.  He was 37 years old.

Golf was a huge part of Mike’s life (see Mike’s accomplishments below). Mike thoroughly enjoyed time spent with friends on the golf course.  For Mike, golf was a metaphor for life.   “The game” reflected the way Mike lived; with honor, dignity, camaraderie, grace, competitiveness, and an occasional can of “swing oil.” Even with all of Mike’s success at the game, he considered a hole-in-one to be the pinnacle of golf – a feat he never accomplished.

Thus was born “Finny’s Annual Hole-In-One Tournament and the Finnegan Foundation.  A time to bring together friends and family – in Mike’s honor – benefiting those less fortunate than us. The Finnegan Foundation is a Founding Partner of our Chapter. Members of his family continue to support our Chapter and have a special place in their hearts, just like Mike, for our programs that serve children with special needs. Michael’s wife Erin, serves on our Honorary Board of Directors and his children, parents and cousins have helped raise and donate money for our programs.

Mike’s Golf Accomplishments
1980 – 1st Place Qualifying Medal, Ulster County Junior Match Play
1981 – 1st Place Qualifying Round, Ulster County Amateur Golf Championship
1981 – Winner of Maurice Davenport Memorial Tournament
1981 – Winner of 32nd Ulster County Men’s Amateur Golf Championship Youngest Winner of the Herdegin Memorial Trophy
1986 – Member of Winning Mens Team Ulster County ACS Championship
1994 – Qualified for the New Jersey State Golf Association State Amateur Championship
1995 – Qualified for the New Jersey State Golf Association State Amateur Championship
1996 – Member of Winning Mens Team Ulster County ACS Championship
1998 – Winner Club Championship —  Rock Spring Club
2000 – Winner Club Championship —  Rock Spring Club
2001 – Qualified for the New Jersey State Golf Association State Amateur Championship
2001 – September 8th New Jersey National Golf Club “Great round of golf” Michael B. Finnegan’s last round of golf on this earth