Kwik Golf Tournaments at Dyer Park

Chapter participants only.


Every 4th week during class there will be a Kwik Golf Tournament. We will add one more station that day for Kwik Golf. It will only take a few minutes for each twosome (a pair of students) to complete the course and then they will continue with the rest of the golf stations for that day. Each team will compete with other teams of The First Tee of The Palm Beaches saving their scores online using the application.

Kwik Golf course is made up of 3 holes and played in alternate shot-team format. Every stroke is 10 points and every second is 1 point. The goal is to go as fast as you can with as few shots as possible!

Please contact our Program Director Connie Capanegra, LPGA at for more information or any questions.

What is Kwik Golf?  Please check out here