It is very important for chapter to track and enter our participant data into The First Tee database for Home Office. This is how our Chapter and Coaches are evaluated.We are required by Home Office to enter every participant that goes through The First Tee Life Skills from January 1st, 2016 through December 31st, 2016.

To make it easier for everyone, we request that after every 9-week session for each Coach to please submit a completed database form. All final participant names should be submitted by December 1st.

Through consistent tracking, this allows our Chapters to measure the success and impact of programs and also monitor trends. If you need the database form, please let us know.


Name of Activity/Game: “Sharks and Minnows”
Life Skill/Core Lesson: Perseverance, Dealing with Challenges
Golf Skill(s): Putting
Factor(s) of Influence: Aim, Distance Response
Healthy Habit: Vision
Supplies: Marking tape, colored and white golf balls, obstacles such as cones, props, etc.

Description of How to Play:

Participants all start with a yellow golf ball and pick a starting point inside the ocean (designated area made with masking tape). A Coach will start as the great white shark (white golf ball) in a designated box outside the ocean. Coach says, “Minnows swim away!” Players then hit one putt (must be length of putter grip) anywhere inside the ocean. Minnows all step out and then the shark gets a putt. Keep repeating the process. Goal of game is to be last minnow in the ocean. Ways to get out: 1. Shark hits a minnow. 2. Minnow putts outside the ocean. 3. Minnow putts into the “black hole” (golf hole).


*Please be aware that our third meeting of the year has changed dates.

Our Coach Meetings are an important gathering to share ideas, discuss challenges and prepare for the upcoming months. Please save the dates and attend. We all learn more when you are there!


Third Meeting: The Importance of the Database and Lesson Plans

Palm Beaches Treasure Coast Broward
Third November 7 November 1 November 15

Location and Time – TBD


Coach Emily Valentine, Level 2 Coach at The First Tee of The Palm Beaches created these two graphics to help participants to be more motivated. With this progression, they write on paper when they reach a goal in the Par class curriculum. Each time that the student reaches a goal in the Life Skills Par Curriculum, the participant will write the accomplishment down on the step as well as on the Golf Skills ladder. Below are example goals on each ladder. You can make your own Golf Skills based on each student. Life Skills are typically the same.


SNAG Futbol is designed to teach the concepts of real golf to new and beginning players, so they can learn to play the game with their foot before they learn to use a golf club.

SNAG’s creative “Play and Kick Six” program is a 12-hole round that has players using the special SNAG Futbol equipment to play six holes and then finish their round with six holes of traditional SNAG Golf equipment.

SNAG is the perfect start for children to learn golf. A playful approach based on fun improves the learning process in the sports education and creates a positive and challenging atmosphere during the development of the motor skills. A new and diversified opportunity for kids- and junior golf.

SNAG Futbol is SNAG’s version of football golf. The players aim is to reach the flag with as few kicks as possible. The ball sticks to the flag through a velcro system. There are no limits to your creativity in building a course! SNAG Futbol is also an ideal alternative training for other sports and an additional training for golf lessons.

“Soccer is the number one participatory sport around the world, and this is an optimal opportunity to bring players into golf. Learning to play golf in a familiar and successful environment only increases the likelihood of these beginners continuing to play throughout their lifetime.” says Terry Anton, SNAG C.E.O.

I believe that adding football golf to the golf curriculum is a good way to bring the Hispanic population into the game of golf. I think using the sport that is most popular in Hispanic countries is a vehicle to bring the culture closer to the game of golf and help to grow the game of golf.

Please contact me if you have any questions about SNAG Futlbol.