We are all responsible for tracking and reporting participant data into The First Tee participant database for Home Office. This is how our Chapter and Coaches are evaluated.

After every 9 week session or summer camp session, we request each Coach to submit a completed database form. Please send in your participant names throughout the year.

Through consistent tracking, this allows our Chapters to measure the success and impact of programs and also monitor trends. If you need the database form, please let us know.


“Backwards U Fitness Relay”

Players start on two sides. On one side, players must: 1. dribble a ball with one foot, weaving through noodles 2. bunny hop on hula hoops laid on ground, 3. backwards run. Player then tags next player and they start the relay by going through the process in reverse order.


*Please be aware that our second meeting has changed dates.

Our Coach Meetings are an important gathering to share ideas, discuss challenges and prepare for the upcoming months. Please save the dates and attend. We all learn more when you are there!


Second Meeting: How to have a Successful Fall Program and Participants’ Certification
Third Meeting: The Importance of the Database and Coach Training

Palm Beaches Treasure Coast Broward
Second Tuesday, August 9 Wednesday, August 10 Monday, August 8
Third Monday, November 7 Tuesday, November 8 Wednesday, November 9

Location and Time – TBD


Game made by participant: “Fish Out of Water.”

“The object is to get the fish off the beach (sand) and back in the water (green.) Hit the fish like a bunker shot. You can use the colored fish in putting and chipping games too. Any game I have played with the fish, the kids love it! You can find the fish at Wal-mart.” – Coach Rick Hengstenberg P.G.A.

If you want more information you can contact Coach Rick at RICKMCGPRO@AOL.COM

(From left to right we have Kayla, Kendall, and Leila. The girls just finished playing a fun game in the bunker)

GROWING GIRLS THROUGH THE GAME Top 3 Ways to Increase Female Participation, Retention and Progression

1. Provide more female role models for participants.

  • Girls have reported that they would be more interested in staying involved in The First Tee if LPGA tour members, female teaching professionals, business women and professionals from all walks of life, and other female role models interacted more often with them.
  • Actively recruit more female role models, including female coaches who work directly with participants.
  • Partner with women’s organizations, golf organizations/leagues/clubs.
  • Build a relationship with female physical educators at local elementary, middle and high schools and recruit them to work and/or volunteer for your chapter.
  • Educate The First Tee National School Program students in your area on the transition opportunities, girls’ golf activities and other events offered by your chapter.
  • Bring in “guest speakers/female role models” from the community to speak with the girls.

2. Develop more all-girls’ opportunities for participants

  • Golf camps, classes, tournaments, events, etc
  • Start an LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program. The First Tee of The Palm Beaches is a LPGA Girls Golf Site. For more information, contact Connie Capanegra.
  • Female (and male) teenage participants appreciate the opportunity to give back, so create a variety of opportunities for them to volunteer at The First Tee as well as in the local community.
  • Develop a regional girls’ golf circuit with other chapters in your area to provide fun, social outings for female participants while encouraging improved golf skills.

3. Assist teenage girls with college applications/scholarships and The First Tee national participant opportunities.

  • When teen-age female participants were asked “What would make being involved in The First Tee an even better experience for you?” Two of their top three responses involved increasing their opportunities to:

    (1) learn about the college experience, including help with scholarship and school applications.
    (2) participate in national and/or regional events
    (3) improve their golf skills

  • Recruit a staff member or volunteer to be in charge of college applications/scholarships and The First Tee national participant opportunities.
  • Encourage teenagers to apply for The First Tee national opportunities such as the Life Skills & Leadership Academy, Future Leaders Forum and the RBS Achiever of the Year Award and assist them where appropriate in the process.
  • Help teenagers find and complete college and vocational school applications, as well as search and apply for college and vocational scholarships.
  • Organize field trips for teenagers to local colleges and universities

“Empower girls through the game of golf and inspire them to dream BIG…” – Please share your Best Practices with the other Coaches to help grow the female participation.